A Simple Automated Solution
For A Complex Problem

Whether you want to reduce your bounce rate, or improve your search ranking, Pegasaas makes it easy to get a fast website with an automated WordPress plugin that integrates over 30 web performance operations, all in harmony.


Improve PageSpeed Score

Learn how installing Pegasaas Accelerator WP can help you instantly boost your PageSpeed score automatically.

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Reduce Page Load Time

Learn how you can make your visitors happier by reducing your web page load time with Pegasaas Accelerator WP.

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Increase Conversion Rate

Learn how you can increase your conversion rate and generate more revenue by using Pegasaas Accelerator WP.

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Let Us Help You Make More Money

For every second that can be shaved off of your web page load time, your bounce rate can improve by up to 7% and your conversion rate increases by up to 12%. Use our tool below to learn how much more money you could be making.

Saving Precious Seconds

Optimizing your website isn’t just about making you more money.
We’re also about saving the human race a little bit of lifetime with each optimzation.
Because every second counts.


Pages Currently Optimized by Pegasaas


Average Time Saved Per Page Load*


Estimated Time Saved Over The Last 24 Hours**

* Based on before and after calculation of mobile and desktop page load times, with an assumption that at least 50% of visits are with a mobile device.
** Estimated time saved is based off of an assumption that there are 30% as many hits are there are pages in a site, per day. Actual times may be much higher based upon the amount and type (mobile/desktop) of traffic.

Every Second Is Precious

Learn about what drives us, what goes on at Pegasaas on a daily basis, and why web performance is a constant evolution.

Join The Faster Web

Our customers range from individuals to top SEO agencies from around the world. We process over 300,000 pages optimizations monthly, contributing to a global savings of over 100,000 seconds of load time saved daily.

Over 30 Web Performance Features

More than any other web performance optimization service

Page Caching

We start with ensuring your web pages are served lightning fast at the server level. This helps us to make sure your Time-To-First Byte is as fast as possible.

Content Delivery Network

Our global Content Delivery Network automatically serves your Javascript, CSS, and Images from CDN servers closer to your visitors.

Image Optimization

We automatically optimize your images, and apply cutting edge lazy loading techniques to your page. We also serve next-generation WEBP images, via our CDN, to supported web browsers for an even faster load.

Performance Monitoring

We scan your pages for PageSpeed scores and six other performance metrics, and display them to you so that you can see how well your pages are performing.

Resource Optimization

We apply over 30 web performance optimization procedures, including Minification and Deferral of Render Blocking resources, to your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that your page loads incredibly fast.

Server Performance Optimization

To ensure your pages and resources are served to your visitor as fast as possible, we enable server side technology such as GZIP and Browser Caching, that is often disabled by default.

Automated Everything

Everything optimizing your pages to fetching performance metrics -- it's all automated and runs in the background so you can spend more time focusing on your business.


If you're a web performance geek and you want manual control over what is optimized, we give you the ability to tweak your configurations globally, or on a page-by-page basis.

Agency Friendly

If you are an agency, we give you tools to white label the plugin, and even remotely update all of your sites with a click of a button.

Super Human Support

Super Human Support

With You Every Step Of The Way

You have a direct line to a team of web performance experts that will help you make the most of Pegasaas.