Pegasaas Accelerator

Automated Google PageSpeed Optimization

What is Pegasaas Accelerator?

Pegasaas Accelerator is a WordPress plugin that provides automated Google PageSpeed optimization for your entire WordPress website. It automatically tweaks your pages for the best possible load time, boosting your Google PageSpeed score and saves you countless hours learning how to manually optimize your website.

Automated Google PageSpeed Optimization

Accelerator automates the optimization process by analyzing each of your pages and posts, and then applies all the required techniques as are recommended by the Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

In addition to minifying the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as deferring render blocking resources and auto detection and insertion of critical above the fold CSS, Pegasaas also auto-optimizes all of your images on-the-fly, making your web page load incredibly fast.

Pegasaas Accelerator can take your site's Google PageSpeed score from from where it is right now to 85/100 or higher, in just minutes.

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Deferral of Render Blocking Resources
Pegasaas Accelerator automatically defers the loading of any JavaScript and CSS resources until after the HTML has been loaded. This can shave seconds off the loading of your web pages.
Critical Path CSS
To avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content, that normally occurs when you defer your render blocking CSS resources, Pegasaas Accelerator automatically detects the Critical Path (Above-the-Fold) styles for your web pages, and injects them into your HTML.
Image Optimization
The file size of your images can be the single biggest barrier to having a fast loading page. Pegasaas Accelerator automatically optimizes all of the images referenced in your web pages for you.
PageSpeed Analysis
Pegasaas Accelerator lets you know what your score was before Acceleration, as well as after -- so you know how awesome your pages are doing with Pegasaas Accelerator installed.
Page Caching
To serve your content as fast as possible, Pegasaas Accelerator includes page caching. When enabled, a copy of your web page is served to your visitor as soon as possible.
Cache Preloading
As part of the initialization sequence, Pegasaas Accelerator automatically builds a cached version of your web pages so that your website is ready for indexing as soon as possible.
GZIP Compression
Pegasaas Accelerator automatically enables GZIP Compression which can reduce the size of your web pages by 50%, which in turn can speed up how fast your web pages load.
Browser Caching
By enabling browser caching for your static resources, Pegasaas Accelerator reduces the load on your server, and also speeds up page load time when your visitor visits subsequent pages.
To make your pages even faster, Pegasaas Accelerator automatically strips out any white-space or comments from your HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
On Demand Resources
Also known as "lazy loading", Pegasaas automatically lazy loads any foreground images and iframes. This can reduce the initial load and render time of your web page significantly.