When a page (or post) is saved/updated, the cache is flushed for that page.

However, when you make a change to a “Builder Layout” or to a Widget through the “Appearance > Widgets” panel, the cache for the page that use the layout or widget will need to be cleared manually.

If the change is expected on a few pages, then you can go to the Pages or Posts panel, find the page/post in the list provided, hover over the name, and then click the “Clear Cache” link that appears once you hover over the page/post title.  Alternately, you can select the “checkbox” next to the page/post title, and then from the “Bulk Actions” drop down at the top of the list select “Clear HTML Cache” option and then click the “Apply” button.

If the change is global (site-wide), hover over the “Accelerator” toolbar menu option at the top of the WordPress dashboard, and select the “Delete Cache” button under the section labelled “Page Optimizations” or “Page Cache”.

If you are still not viewing the change on your page, it may be that your web browser is retaining a copy of the cached page in the browser cache.  Be sure to clear your web browser’s cache.

If you are still not viewing the change on your page, there may be a permissions issue with the plugin not clearing the cache file.  Contact the support team if you are still not viewing your changes.