The Origin Story

Born not of a Gorgon, but of the world’s basic need for more time.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus was born when Medusa was beheaded by Perseus.  Now, the story of how our Pegasaas came into being is not quite so bloody and didn’t involve a Gorgon with wild snakes in its hair… In reality, Pegasaas was born of the need for faster websites.

How A Flying Horse (with an incredible saas) Was Born

Pegasaas' Brandon Devnich & Colin Fraser

In September of 2016, while being flooded with requests from clients to optimize websites speed for Google PageSpeed, Colin Fraser of i3dTHEMES casually suggested to his business partner, Brandon Devnich, how “it sure would be nice if we could just somehow automate the optimization process”.

There was a pause in the conversation as Brandon’s ability to keep up his end of the social interaction deteriorated into nothingness, as pieces of the puzzle started falling in place in his head. “How to improve website loading speed on GTmetrix and Googe’s PageSpeed score?” “How can we offer the greatest WordPress website speed optimization service?” “How can provide a website performance test, a website speed test, a WordPress performance audit, and do all the website optimization too?”

“Hold that thought!”, said Brandon, snapping back to reality with a grin and a twinkle in his eye, “I’ve got an idea.”

A few days later, the first prototype of the Accelerator WP plugin was automatically deferring JavaScript and CSS and injecting Critical Path CSS directly into web pages. We knew right away we were on to something far beyond a simple website analyzer and web speed test tool.

Months later, the first iteration of the Accelerator software was released.  This first version was designed for traditional static websites, and finally eliminated the complex work involved in optimizing websites for the best possible Google PageSpeed scores. By April 2017, development began on the WordPress plugin version of Pegasaas Accelerator WP.

Pegasaas … Not Just A Pretty Horse

Pegasaas flying above clouds

During the development of the Accelerator WordPress Plugin, it became obvious that the heavy lifting, required for a streamlined and simplified system for optimizing WordPress for PageSpeed, was going to need to be off-loaded to a dedicated service.  It was at that time, that the Pegasaas platform (saas instead of sus, for Software as a Service) was born.

The Pegasaas API handles the complex and processor intensive aspects of organizing the critical path CSS, image optimization, optimization of JavaScript and CSS resources, in addition to a number of other web performance optimization mechanisms.  The web performance reporting, management of the cache, and API communication is handled directly the Accelerator WP WordPress Plugin.

Together, the two aspects of the Pegasaas Accelerator WP Saas automatically optimizes the web pages of a WordPress website for the best possible load time.

What used to be a complicated and time-consuming task of optimizing a WordPress website manually, can now be performed automatically (there’s that word again!) by Pegasaas.  In most cases, web pages are achieving the perfect 100/100 desktop PageSpeed score, and above the coveted 90/100 mobile PageSpeed scores.

And when we say “automatically”, we really mean it.  After installing the plugin, often zero tinkering is required on your part.  It just gets to work.  It’s like hopping on the back of a horse as you’re being chased by marauders and shouting “get me out of here!”, and the horse just does it, deftly evading the bad guys.  Same-same.  Except with wings.  And no marauders.  And web pages instead of you.

You get the idea though.

It was the goal of the team to get as many sites scoring as many pages as possible as high as possible — on average, most pages in most websites running Pegasaas rank over 90/100 for mobile browsers, with zero intervention involved.

Time To Fly

Pegasaas Accelerator WP Version 1 Dashboard Image

The whole purpose of Pegasaas Accelerator WP is to save time: save you, the website operator, from having to invest precious hours learning how to manually optimize a site, and save your visitors from having to wait for your pages to load.  It was born out of us wanting to save our OWN time, but then became something so much epic than we could have ever imagined possible. Kind of like Pegasus itself.

In the months ahead, as Google has now implemented its mobile-first index, where how your page renders and loads on a mobile device is how Google evaluates your search position, and with PageSpeed as a ranking factor implemented by July 2018, the great shift to focusing on the fastest Time-To-Interactive is on, we will be working at making the mobile load time of your site the fastest it has ever been.

So hop on, grab a handful of Pegasaas’ mane, save a boatload of time, and watch your website’s speed fly. Or as we like to say, “rise above the cloud”.

Learn more about Pegasaas Accelerator WP with a 14-Day Free Trial!

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