We all know that if your WordPress website doesn’t load fast, you’re going to lose visitors.  And depending upon the purpose of your website, this can mean a loss of potential clients and revenue.  In this article, I’m going to share how you can speed up WordPress, dramatically, in just a few minutes.

Before Anything Else

Okay, this is very important.  If you are driving a Chrysler K Car, you aren’t going to be winning any races.  The same goes for your website.  If your website is hosted on a slow server, you’re only going to be able to make it load so fast.  If you’re going to speed up WordPress, you need to make sure your web hosting is fast.

Test your website below to find out how fast your server response time is.

Use the Website Test from Pulse

Now, when running a static website (one that doesn’t connect to a database and do a dynamic rendering of the page) with regular .html pages, it’s fairly easy for websites to get into the ‘optimum’ range.  With WordPress, a ‘good’ score is actually about 1-2 seconds.  Anything more than that, and you’ll have a tough time with the second step I’m going to go over.

So, if your WordPress website is taking over five seconds to respond, you either have issues with your web hosting, or your WordPress website is overloaded with plugins.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself fast hosting.  We recommend i3dTHEMES web hosting, as their shared hosting servers all use fast CPUs, with solid state drives.

Get Super Fast Hosting from i3dTHEMES

Super Charge Your WordPress Site’s Speed

So, if your web hosting is blazing fast (you’ve got yourself a sports car), then it’s time to supercharge it.  This is where we get to the ‘how to speed up wordpress‘ missing ingredient.

To do that, you’ll need to go get the Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin.  Pegasaas Accelerator is available to try for free for 14 days, so you’ll get plenty of time to test drive it.  We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t think it’ll make a world of difference to your website load time.

But to sum it up, it essentially squeezes every last potential millisecond out of your load time.  It adds GZIP compression, browser caching, page caching, render-blocking resource deferral, inlined critical path css, image optimization, and minification, to your WordPress website, just by installing it.  There’s zero coding, and zero configuration that you need to do.  It just does it, automatically

It used to be that getting a page caching plugin was enough — and that was true for when server response time was enough, and we were only worried about the desktop browser.  But with Google pushing for mobile website performance optimization, if you want your website to rank well in search, you have to be doing everything possible to make sure your website doesn’t just initially load fast but also renders fast.

And that is what the Pegasaas Accelerator automated Google PageSpeed optimization plugin does.

Super Charge Your WordPress Site’s Speed with Pegasaas Accelerator