Check “Browser Caching Enabled” Testing Tool

Check "Browser Caching Enabled" Testing Tool

Check Browser Caching Enabled Tool

Use our free online tool to detect if your website has browser caching enabled.  Our “Browser Caching Enabled” Testing Tool will evaluate whether or not you need to add special instructions to your server’s .htaccess file in order to enable browser caching and pass Google’s PageSpeed Insights “Leverage Browser Caching” test for non-third party assets.

By having browser caching enabled, secondary loads to your web pages will be faster.  As search engines prefer to display higher ranking results for faster loading websites, enabling browser caching is an important step in ensuring that your website will be found in search.

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Enable Browser Caching & Much More

If you would rather automate enabling browser caching for your WordPress-powered website, sign up for your own subscription to our Pegasaas Accelerator PageSpeed & Web Performance Optimization Service.  Pegasaas automates the entire web performance optimization process across your whole site with over 20+ cutting-edge web performance techniques to achieve competition-crushing site speeds and top PageSpeedInsightsscores.

Our Browser Caching Enabled Testing Tool is the second free online tool available in our toolbox. For extreme performance, don’t miss out on our Online Critical Path CSS Generator.

How to Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress