CDN/Firewall Compatibility

Content Delivery Network/Web Firewalls

  • Cloudflare resolved
    • If you are using Cloudflare, most services (Caching, Minification, Image Optimization) should be disabled as it will interfere with the core functionality of Pegasaas, which already provides these features.
    • There are currently no known issues with compatibility with Cloudflare.  Pegasaas Accelerator now communicates with the Cloudflare system (provided your Cloudflare API is saved to the plugin) to clear the appropriate page-cache (if you are using page rules).  Pegasaas bypasses the Cloudflare minification and image optimization systems by pushing resources through the Pegasaas CDN.
  • SiteLock
    • The SiteLock web application firewall does not allow the Critical Path CSS engine to scan pages for Critical Path CSS.  We are working on a method that will allow for this.
    • The SiteLock web application firewall blocks the caching of some CSS/JS and Image resources.  We are working on a method that will allow for this.
  • Basic HTTP Authentication of /wp-admin/ folder
    • If you protect your wp-admin folder with http authentication (a password box pops up asking for username and password, that is not the typical WordPress login box), then the Pegasaas API will not be able to communicate back to your website with optimized content.  This is a “full stop” situation that we are unable to work around at this time.
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