Online Critical Path CSS Generator

Online Critical Path CSS Generator


What is Critical Path CSS?

Critical Path CSS are the styles which are necessary to render your web page if you were to not use stylesheets.

Optimizing the critical rendering path to provide near-instant visibility of your content is a powerful addition to your "above the fold optimization" plan. 


Why use Critical Path CSS?

Prioritizing your visible content is one of the most important & impactful web performance techniques available to optimize CSS delivery.

When you defer your stylesheets, the Critical CSS is necessary to avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content.


How do I use Critical Path CSS?

Provide your URL, and in just a few seconds, our system can scan your web page and provide you the Critical Path CSS, along with instructions on where to insert it into your web page.

Let Us Help You

For every second that can be shaved off of your web page load time, your bounce rate can improve by up to 7% and your conversion rate increases by up to 12%. Use our tool below to generate the Critical Path CSS that is necessary to defer your render blocking stylesheets and start saving time today.

Get 5 scans/day for free, using this form. If you need more, scroll down to see our API access plans.

Get Direct Access

You're just minutes away from getting direct access to our API to request critical css for your sites. 30 day money back guarantee.

To determine the plan that works best for you, take the number of pages in your site that you'll need a snapshot for (including all catalog pages) and multiply it by the number of times you'll plan refactoring your CSS. For example, a 1000 page site, if you refactor your CSS three times per month, you'll want the Critical 5K plan.

With the 10K and 25K plans, you can split the monthly scans between the number of "sites" included with the subscription. For example, the 10K plan includes coverage for 2 sites and 10K monthly scans, which means that you can split the 10K any way you like. In this example, you can split that 7K for one site, and 3K for the other -- the number of scans included in the plan is for the total of all the sites included in the subscription.

Automated your Critical Path CSS

If you would rather automate the detection and injection of your Critical Path CSS across your entire WordPress powered website, you can sign up for your own subscription to our Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress website speed optimization service, or download the free trial.

Pegasaas automates the entire Critical Path CSS optimization process across your whole site, as well as maximizing your overall web performance to achieve competition-crushing site speed and PageSpeed scores.