Online Critical Path CSS Generator

Online Critical CSS Generator

Critical Path CSS Generator | Pegasaas Accelerator

Use our free online tool to create Critical Path CSS to help avoid the flash of unstyled content (FOUC) and eliminate render-blocking CSS in above-the-fold content.  Our critical path generator will extract the Critical Path CSS (CPCSS) from your web pages so you can then manually enter it into your site, page by page, with the help of additional plugins or have your developer hard code it into each page or the CMS to enable the use of custom code entries.


Optimizing the critical rendering path to provide near-instant visibility of your content is a powerful addition to your “above the fold optimization” plan.  Prioritizing your visible content is one of the most important & impactful web performance techniques available to optimize CSS delivery.

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If you would rather automate the detection and injection of your Critical Path CSS across your entire WordPress powered website, you can sign up for your own subscription to our Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress website speed optimization service.  Pegasaas automates the entire Critical Path CSS optimization process across your whole site, as well as maximizing your overall web performance to achieve competition-crushing site speed and PageSpeed scores.