Get your client’s website optimized

Get Your Client's Website Optimized

Web Perf Optimization can be time consuming... What can you do?

As a web developer, let’s be honest (because we’ve been in your shoes) you don’t have the time it takes to manually optimize a website for PageSpeed.

Do you have time…?

You probably can handle some image optimization (until the client uploads some super large images and cause the load time of the pages to drop like a stone).

And you maybe even have done some minification of some resources (over and over again, when your client wants some CSS changes made).

But when it comes to some of the more technical tasks, such as deferring of rendering blocking resources and the detecting and insertion of the critical above-the-fold CSS…  those, those can be down right difficult to resolve.

Pegasaas To the Rescue

That’s where Pegasaas Accelerator comes in to save your bacon.

Pegasaas does all of the optimization of your cilent’s website, all automatically, all on-the-fly.  So it doesn’t matter if you update and publish up an un-minified CSS file, or your client uploads a gigantic un-optimized 3200×1800 pixel image.  Pegasaas has your back, and looks after those types of changes automatically.

It also looks after auto-deferring any javascript, both externally loaded as well as inline, all without breaking your code.

When it comes to deferring the render blocking CSS, Pegasaas Accelerator does that as well.  And to avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC), Pegasaas auto-analyzes your pages and calculates what CSS needs to be auto-injected into the head region of your client’s pages.

Again, all automatically.

All while you grab a coffee and pat yourself on the back for what a smart decision you made by optimizing your site with Pegasaas Accelerator.

And a Bonus

In addition to all of the super fantastic things that Pegasaas Accelerator does for client’s site, you can also earn some money for referring your client to us.  You can either choose to bill your client directly (as you probably already do) and just pay for their subscription on their behalf, or you can have them pay us directly and receive a monthly commission.

And, the more clients you sign up, the more you make, every. single. month.

And now, you can get your hands on Pegasaas Accelerator, and try it for free for 14 days.  If saving time and having a faster WordPress website is important to you, sign up now to have this incredible plugin optimize your website.

Try Pegasaas Accelerator Free for 14 days!