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Pegasaas Accelerator is a Web Performance Optimization Plugin

Simple and Automated!

Websites Optimized with Pegasaas experience FASTER loading web pages AND improved Google PageSpeed scores.

Fast Loading + Improved PageSpeed Score = Better Search Ranking

Improve Your Load Times

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Solution to all the Solutions

Save Time

Save Time: Pegasaas is the only plugin available that does include 20 different web optimization tools all working in harmony together. Pegasaas Accelerator is truly the all-in-one solution for web performance optimization. It solves the problems involved with attempting to get multiple performance and optimization plugins to work together. Imagine how much time you would save by not needing to install and test a half-dozen plugins just to solve the problem of an un-optimized website. It is the all-in-one plugin that works compared to multiple different plugins that conflict. What would you prefer for your website?

Better ROI

Better ROI : Faster load time means better search position, which in turn means more visitors and lower Google Ads costs. Pegasaas Accelerator has been called the SEOs "secret weapon" for web performance optimization. SEOs use Pegasaas because it saves time, gets results and provides instant Google PageSpeed improvements.

Simple To Use

Simple To Use: Pegasaas Accelerator is designed for absolute beginners but includes the features that professionals require. It includes a hassle-free installation with zero understanding of web performance optimization required. No fuss, no tweaks, no hidden panels. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to accelerate your site with Pegasaas.

Automated Convenience

Automated Convenience: Your time is valuable and your patience is limited -- we get that! We built Pegasaas Accelerator to be easy to operate. In a world where the standard of plugin operation seems to include panels-upon-panels of configuration options, that often require hours of tweaking and fiddling in order to get something to work half-right, Pegasaas takes all of those time consuming and difficult to implement tasks and does them all for you AUTOMATICALLY.

Pegasaas Accelerator

Simple to UseFull Featured Automated

Optimization Plugin for Speed and Performance

Pegasaas is fully automated -- just install and activate, and let Pegasaas do the rest.

Step 1 - Install and Activate

STEP 1: Install and Activate.
Upon installation, Pegasaas will immediately determine your benchmark Google PageSpeed Scores. While the system determines what needs to happen, it begins to assemble the pieces to the puzzle.

Step 2 - Automatic Optimization

STEP 2: Automatic Optimization
Grab a coffee, because there's nothing else you need to do. Pegasaas will automatically detect and inject the required Critical Path CSS, optimize your images, defer your render blocking resources, minify your HTML/CSS/JS, push your resources through a CDN, plus apply 15+ other web performance optimization techniques to your pages. It's almost like magic.

Step 3 - Review Performance Improvements

STEP 3: Review Performance Improvements Pegasaas provides instant feedback on your Google PageSpeed scores, both before and after installation so you can see the improvement immediately.

How Does Pegasaas Accelerator Work?

We built each web performance optimization component to work in harmony with each another.

We include all the tools and resources you will need to optimize the speed and performance of your website.

Deferral of Render Blocking Resources Pegasaas Accelerator automatically defers the loading of any JavaScript and CSS resources until after the HTML has been rendered. This can shave precious seconds off the loading of your web pages.

Critical Path CSS To avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content that normally occurs when you defer your render blocking CSS, we automatically detect the Critical Path (above-the-fold) styles for your web pages, and inject them into your HTML.

Image Optimization The file size of your images can be the single biggest barrier to having a fast loading page. Pegasaas Accelerator automatically optimizes all of the images referenced in your web pages for you.

PageSpeed Analysis Pegasaas Accelerator shows you what your score was before Acceleration, as well as after -- so you know how well optimized your pages are with the plugin installed.

Page Caching To serve your content as fast as possible, we include an incredibly fast page caching feature. When enabled, a copy of your web page is served to your visitor instantly.

Cache Preloading As part of the initialization sequence, cached copies of your web pages are automatically built so that your website is ready for indexing as soon as possible.

GZIP Compression GZIP Compression can reduce the size of your web pages by 50%, which can speed up how fast your web pages load. Pegasaas Accelerator automatically enables this server side mechanism for you.

Browser Caching By enabling browser caching for your static resources, we reduce the load on your server and also speed up page load time when your visitor visits more than one page in your website.

Minification To make your pages load even faster, we automatically strip out any white-space or comments from your HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Lazy Loading Used for “on Demand Resources”, this feature automatically lazy loads any foreground images and iframes, and YouTube content. By using lazy loading, we can reduce the initial load and render time of your web page significantly.

Pegasaas Gets Results

Before and After Performance Comparison

Performance optimization results of our test website using the following measurement tools:

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