From the moment that a request for an optimized version of a web page is submitted to the Pegasaas API until it has been completed and been cached by your web sever, can take as little as 15 seconds.   Depending upon how many optimizations are in the API queue, this may take longer.  You can check status if the API (and how many requests are in the queue) by going to the API Status page.

API Optimization Request Life Cycle

  1. Public web page is requested, or an explicit request for an optimized version of the page is submitted via the Pegasaas Accelerator WP plugin dashboard.
  2. Request enters queue
  3. Queued request is at the front of the queue and optimization begins
  4. Optimization is complete
  5. Completed optimization is submitted back to the web server and cached OR if the requesting web server is throttled to “Slow”, “Cautious”, “Siteground” or “Kinsta”, then the request is queued for submission back to the requesting web server