Hands down, the biggest factor in speeding up your WordPress website is image optimization.  If done properly, you can reduce the total load time of your web pages by seconds.

And because your average visitor is impatient, and will bounce if your page takes longer than 3.5 seconds to display, ensuring your images are optimized for your WordPress site is essential to reducing your bounce rate.

How People with Too Much Time On Their Hands Do It

I’ll admit it, there isn’t a lot of good information on image optimization for WordPress.

There are lots of ways you can manually optimize your images, such as using Google PageSpeed Insights, Adobe Photoshop, or TinyPNG, but we found each of these took valuable time.   First you have to optimize your images, and then find the place within your WordPress theme, plugin, or media library to manually upload the optimized image.

But, you would have to repeat the process on every single page.  Over and over again..  And then if you went and re-uploaded an image to your media library, you would need to make sure that you’d manually optimize the image.

And, to add insult to injury, even if you upload an optimized image to the WordPress media library, it bloats the image and any derivative sizes.


Image Optimization for WordPress (for everyone else)

So, we came up with a WordPress plugin that automatically optimized any image that was uploaded or would ever be uploaded to a WordPress site.

We call this plugin Pegasaas Accelerator.  And it is amazing.

Once you install it, it automatically optimizes the images in your theme, any plugins that you use, as well as any images uploaded via the media gallery.

And, on top of all that, it also optimizes your website for a range of other aspects that can slow down a website.  BONUS!

Check it out.  It’s free to try, takes only seconds to install, and will have your website running ridiculously fast in minutes.

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