Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Unlike web page load time, which can be observed directly through testing tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix, your web page “e-commerce conversion rate” is a metric that must be collected by using an analytics service such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, or Hotjar.

For the uninitiated, “e-commerce conversion rate” is the rate at which a visitor will convert to be a paying customer when viewing your website.  There are a number contributing factors to that will cause a user to not convert, from bad web page design, to not finding the product that they’re looking.  But possibly the most significant actionable item that you can do to improve your web page conversion rate is to reduce your web page load time.

Bounced Visitors = Lost Sales

According to the SOASTA study on the importance of Mobile Speed Performance, 53% of shoppers abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.  At six seconds, the probability of a bounce increases to 106%.  For every second of load time, a website’s conversion rate drops by 12%.

There is a incredible tool provided by Google to test how fast your site is, and at the bottom of the results page is a calculator that allows you to evaluate the impact of a faster site.

Improve Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

If your website takes 10 seconds to load, and you could reduce it down to 3 seconds, and if your average order were $100 and you converted 3% of your 5,000 monthly visitors, you could potentially generate an additional $25,000 per year.  At 5,000 monthly visitors and a 3% conversion rate, for every second you reduce your load time by, you can make an additional $2,500/year.

Use the tool to see how fast your current site is, and see the potential extra annual revenue you could be generating if you improved your web page load time to 3 seconds.

How Fast Can Your Site Go?

So, knowing that if you could make your web page faster and that there may be extra revenue to be had, is one thing.  But how fast could your web pages be?

Dreaming of a faster web site, and actually getting there are two very different realities.  It takes changes to your website.

Cobble Together A Solution

There are a number of plugins available for websites that help different aspects of web performance, from Image Optimization plugins, to Caching and Minification.  There’s a trick to getting them all to work together in harmony, and even then there tends to be some “load time” left on the table, so to speak.  Whether you use WP Rocket + Smush + Autoptomize, or WTC Performance + Ewww + L3 Lazy Load, it’s going to take a bit of time to get them all to work together.  Unfortunately, if you want to monitor how your pages are doing… that’s yet another plugin that you’ll need to connect to the Google API to monitor your Google PageSpeed Insights score.

Go Automated with Pegasaas Accelerator WP

That’s why we developed our Pegasaas Accelerator WP plugin — we were tired of trying to get all of the plugins to work together and just wanted a single tool that did it all for us, automatically.  Pegasaas Accelerator handles the image optimization, the page caching, the minification, the lazy loading, and 20-30+ other web performance optimization adjustments to your pages.  That, and it keeps track of what your web performance metrics are, so you can, at a glance, see how well your pages are performing.  Again, you don’t need to know web performance to make Pegasaas Accelerator WP work, it’s designed to “fly” on auto-pilot.  Think of it as a magical flying horse, performing epic improvements to your web pages, to help elevate you to “rise above the cloud”.

Test Your Potential

But how fast can Pegasaas Accelerator WP make your website?

It depends on the site.

Some sites are naturally harder to optimize than others, due to the different sliders, visual editors, and plugins that are used to generate the web page.  But, we developed a “simulator” tool that runs your web page through our optimization API and then scans that page with Google PageSpeed Insights to tell you how fast your page will end up being with the Pegasaas Accelerator WP plugin for WordPress.  Give our speed estimation tool a try to see how fast your website can be.

Go FASTER, in just a few minutes

So there you have it: reduce your bounce rate by improving your web page load time, and generate more revenue.  We know you’ll love how fast your website is, and so will your visitors.  Get Pegasaas Accelerator WP today with our 14 day free trial.  It only takes a few minutes to get started and before you know it, you’ll have a blazing fast website.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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