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If you see a placeholder image stating that “The referenced image exceeded the maximum allowable filesize”, such as shown in the example below, then you have a raw image on your website that is too large to be automatically optimized.

Maximum Allowable Filesize for Automatic Image Optimization

The maximum filesize for Automatic Image Optimization is:

  • Basic Image Optimization (Pegasaas Accelerator Standard): 5MB
  • Advanced Image Optimization (Pegasaas Accelerator Pro): 10MB

If you have images that are larger than the allowable file size, then you will need to resize the image down to something more appropriate for web images.  We recommend that images not exceed 1280×1024 in dimensions, unless used for a “Hero Slider”.

You can resize your images using the WordPress Media manager.  Select the image in the Media panel, then from the right hand properties panel select the “edit more details” details.  Below the image on the “Edit More Details” page, there will be an “Edit Image” button.  Click that button and specify new image dimensions in the “Sale Image” sidebar panel, to the right of the image.  Click the “Scale” button.  Finally, click the “Update” button in the far right panel.

Once you have updated your image, you will need to “Purge” your image cache — you can do this from the top “Accelerator” menu bar icon.