Using your root domain ( with Pegasaas CLOUD.

Using your root domain ( with Pegasaas CLOUD.

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In order to take full advantage of the Pegasaas Cloud CDN, the domain name that you use with the Pegasaas Cloud service needs to point to our CDN using a CNAME (or CNAME-like) record.

Due to how the DNS specification was setup up, root domains ( cannot use a CNAME record, however subdomains ( can.   You can learn more about why it’s not possible to set your root domain as a CNAME record at However, you may find that you do not want to use and instead wish to use with the Pegasaas Cloud service.

Option #1: Bypass the Pegasaas Cloud CDN for serving HTML.

You can use your root domain name, but simply not take advantage of the CDN for serving your HTML pages as one option.  To do this, you will simply point your domain name ( to the IP address of the primary Pegasaas API server.

Option #2: Use a DNS provider that support “virtual” record types that provide CNAME like behaviour.

As specified at, you can use a service such as one of the following as your DNS provider.

When you use one of those services, you will set up your domain with them using the appropriate virtual CNAME record that then points to the Pegasaas Cloud CDN endpoint as specified within your account.

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