We’re still in BETA, however we’ve had some very promising results as of November 2nd.

These benchmarks were performed with the same page and post data, which included a total of 16 page/posts, using Pegasaas Accelerator 0.4.x

Initialization Time

Estimated time to get benchmark scores, generate critical-path CSS, cache pages, and then get the accelerated speed, for a 16 page site, was about 2 minutes (1:50).  Websites that are farther from the Pegasaas server, or those that have a slower connection to the internet backbone, may experience slightly longer initialization time-frames.

A 50 page website is estimated to be fully benchmarked, accelerated, and analyzed, in about 7.5 minutes.

A 100 page website is estimated to be fully benchmarked, accelerated, and analyzed, in about 15 minutes.

Although, at the time of this post, we have not benchmarked Pegasaas Accelerator on sites larger than 150 pages, we estimate that given the rate of completion for smaller sites, the following will hold true in a situation where there are no other websites requesting a full initialization:

  • 250 Page Website: <40 minutes
  • 500 Page Website: ~75 minutes
  • 1000 Page Website: ~2.5 hours
  • 2500 Page Website: ~6.25 hours
  • 5000 Page Website: ~12.5 hours

Server Load Estimates

Given that we estimate the majority of websites will be about ~50 pages/posts in size, we can figure that the maximum single server load for number of website initializations within a 24 hour period to be about 480.  This means that the existing Pegasaas server could safely accept 50 signups per day with minimal impact to the initialization time frame.

In addition, most websites will not require more than a few CSS recalculations or scans per day, so it would be safe to say that the Pegasaas system could safely handle 2500 clients before additional load-balanced servers would need to be brought online.  This estimate is subject to review once Pegasaas achieves full flight status.

Theme Benchmarks

  • 2017 
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 81/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score: 100/100 (October 27th)
  • 2016
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 89/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score
      • 90/100 (October 27th)
      • 99/100 (November 2nd)
  • 2015
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 90/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score
      • 96/100 (October 27th)
      • 100/100 (November 2nd)
  • 2013
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 90/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score: 100/100
  • Denmark (from i3dTHEMES.com using the Aquila Framework)
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 79/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score
      • 98/100 (October 27th)
      • 99/100 (November 2nd)
  • Hoot Ubix
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 90/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score
      • 94/100 (October 27th)
      • 99/100 (November 2nd)
  • Kotenhanagara
    • Benchmark Pagespeed Score: 91/100
    • Accelerated Pagespeed Score: 97/100

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