Plugin Compatibility

WordPress Plugins

It should be noted that while Pegasaas Accelerator works with many third-party caching plugins being installed, you should disable any alternate caching plugin as most (if not all) features of those plugins are likely already included within the Pegasaas Accelerator system. It is best practice to not run more than one caching plugin at a time to avoid conflicts.

  • Elementor JET Slider (Identified October 15)
    • This slider requires jQuery (which must be deferred) in order to render.  This ends up causing a prioritization of visible content penalty.  This particular slider is not recommended, as it is absolutely reliant on javascript in order to render, and does not have a fallback html/css option.
  • iThemes Security (Identified  October 24)
    • If you have the “Enable’s blacklist feature” feature, under “Banned Users” panel, enabled, the Pegasaas API may not be able to scan for Critical Path CSS, or optimize required resources.  We have a potential resolution that is being tested.
  • NextGen Gallery Plugin new (Identified September 1)
    • The NextGen gallery uses a pre-loader that waits until all assets are loaded.  In this situation, the Critical Path CSS that is detected for injection ,prior to all of the NextGen gallery’s assets are injected into the page dynamically,  is insufficient to avoid a Prioritization of Visible Content penalty which also results in a Deferral of Render Blocking Resources penalty.  We are investigating possible solutions.
  • SG (SiteGround) Optimizer (Identified September 15)
    • Within the “Super Cache” section of SG Optimizer, you need to have “memcached” DISABLED. Leaving Mecached enabled will result in our queries to the WordPress database being cached. This is critical for the safe operation of the plugin when checking to see which API requests are queued, or need updating. We are working on a solution to allow for Pegasaas to work with this feature enabled.
    • SG Optimizer injects instructions into the .htaccess file that instruct the server to redirect the user to HTTPS if the page requested is via HTTP. This causes the same problem as the (now resolved) Really Simple SSL Plugin issue. We will be implementing a patch for this shortly.
  • TTFB (Identified August 1)
    • The Lazy Load feature available in the TTFB plugin must be disabled as it is not compatible with “non-render-blocked” pages. If enabled, it will cause a Prioritization of visible content penalty. Pegasaas includes a “non-render-blocking” compatible lazy load feature.