The  migration of to the new server went well and there have been no issues with the API services since going live on the new hardware.

Earlier this week, we also upgrade the API Critical Path CSS server to a new engine.  This new system takes less time and is more accurate.  In fact, I’m pleased to say that in tests this week that we find that it’s fully CSS3 compatible and runs about 20 times as fast as the previous mechanism on the old server.

With the CPCSS engine updated and the API services migrated to the new server, we will start up the beta testing again come Monday October 2nd.


It is estimated that we should have the bulk of the BETA-1 completed by mid October, at which time we will begin inviting those on the reservation list to try the Pegasaas Accelerator plugin.

Pegasaas Accelerator Dev Status

Currently, we’re just finishing up testing the installation routine for the WordPress plugin.  Before releasing it to developers for BETA-1, we will be adding in the ability to submit bug reports via the plugin.

Once fully in BETA, we will be concentrating first on addressing any issues found by the beta testers.  We also have a list of additional features we plan on building into the plugin that we will address over the next month, as time permits.

There is a little more work to be done to the accounts page — this will be addressed before the official public launch which is scheduled at this time for November 1st, 2017.