Third Party Service Compatibility

Third Party (Off-Site) Resources

Often, third-party resources will specifically have a short (or no) cache lifetime. This is often on purpose and cannot (or should not) be circumvented. The following services/resources are ones that Pegasaas will not attempt to proxy. You should not be concerned with the small GPSI penalty that is a result of using these resources.

  • Google Tag Manager
    • GTM will cause a 1-2 point penalty for PageSpeed as Google does not set the cache limiters to avoid the “leverage browser caching” recommendation
  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics will cause a 1-2 point penalty for PageSpeed, same as with GTM
  • Google Maps
    • Google Maps are can cause an extended load time — they cannot be deferred, and if placed in the above-the-fold region will cause a “prioritization of visible content” as they take a while to load.  In addition, the scripts cannot be cached nor proxied.  Google Maps may cause a 5-10 point penalty.