Web Design Compatibility

General Web Design

  • Mobile-as-an-afterthought Design
    • The Critical Path CSS (CPSS)  generator works best when web pages are designed using a mobile-first design methodology, where the styles for mobile are defined first, and then media queries for larger devices are added second.  When media queries are done in reverse order, in a mobile-last, or mobile-as-an-afterthought environment, then the CPCSS that is generated will only be effective for desktop browsers.  We are considering a method whereby we provide the default CPCSS, run a GPSI scan, and if the mobile results indicate an issue with Deferral-of-render-blocking-resources but not with the desktop results, then re-fetch the CPCSS for a “mobile” sized browser.  In this situation, this alternate CPCSS should apply to both desktop and mobile.
  • Above-The-Fold content rendered with jQuery
    • In order to render the above the fold content without a prioritization of visible content penalty, the above the fold content should not rely on jQuery to render, and should have a CSS/HTML fallback.
      Example: Some Sliders that will not render without JQuery.