Whiteglove Web Performance Optimization Services

Whiteglove Web Performance Optimization Services


Dedicated Experts

The experience that built Pegasaas will become a part of your team, working with you to target the highest priority aspects of your online web presence.


Dedicated Time

Choose a plan that best suites your needs and budget to get the job done. Plans can be scaled up or down as your business needs change.


Dedicated Priority

While much of the work that your White Glove Web Performance expert will be performing is done throughout the month, should a priority issue arise, your needs move to the front of the queue.

Let Us Help You Make More Money

For every second that can be shaved off of your web page load time, your bounce rate can improve by up to 7% and your conversion rate increases by up to 12%. Use our tool below to learn how much more money you could be making.

How It Works

Every business is unique and has different needs. There's no reason that you need to conform to a limited set of offerings. We've compiled some typical scenarios, but if you have special requirements, we can tailor any of our programs to suit your organizational requirements.

Tell us about your website, and we will send you a free quote.

Your Website Size

Our API will cover the optimizations for the size of your site. The larger the size, the more resources would be at work.

Core Pages to Hyper Focus On

This is the size of focus for your site and usually comprises of your primary landing pages.

Dedicated Attention

This is the number of maintenance hours per month, either used to focus on additional pages or double down on existing primary pages.

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If you need every edge in converting more customers and generate more revenue, send us your website details and we'll provide a report on what we can do for your website.