Pegasaas Accelerator automatically implements web design best practices that result in the fastest possible load and render time for your web pages, which will result in a better Google Pagespeed score.

Some of the techniques used by Pegasaas Accelerator include:

  • Deferral of Render Blocking Resources
  • Image Optimization
  • Auto Injection of Critical Path (Above-The-Fold) CSS
  • Minification of JS/CSS/HTML
  • Enabling of Server-Side Compression and Caching Technologies
  • Lazy Load of non-critical resources

By default, most features are enabled so that when you turn the Accelerator WordPress plugin on, the system will auto-accelerate as many pages as are included in your plan.  In most cases, zero-to-little intervention will be required to accelerate your pages to the best possible score.

There may be some situations where some pages will not score as well, due to the technologies included in your pages, as other pages.  If an “accelerated” page should score less than an “unaccelerated” page, or an “accelerated page” does not reach the 85/100 benchmark for a “good” rating, then you should contact the support team.

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