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Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google, co-chair of the W3C Web Performance Working group, and author of High Performance Browser Networking (O’Reilly) book. In short, an internet plumber. In off time, you’ll find him working on open source projects, exploring the outdoors with a camera, or simply enjoying a good book.

Web performance engineer at Google
Co-chair of W3C web performance WG
Author of High Performance Browser Networking
Entrepreneur, tinkerer, instigator

SOURCE: https://www.igvita.com/

Brandon Devnich

Brandon Devnich

Brandon handles the initial development of new product initiatives. In addition to R&D, Brandon also manages the day-to-day operations of the i3dTHEMES storefront, hosting infrastructure, hosted web applications, and answers many of the sales/support calls. He’s the Lead Developer of the Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress Performance Optimization Plugin for WordPress.

When he’s not knocking out WordPress, Shopify, or Numo code snippets, Brandon dabbles in Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming — he dreams of a day where his autonomous lawn-mower robot does more than just run into walls or cut down his wife’s dahlias. And, when life allows for it, he and Colin will occasionally get out for a round of golf.

Web Programmer at I3dTHEMES Web Solutions
Past: Murchie’s – Victoria and Sam’s Deli

Studied Computer Systems Technology at Camosun College
Past: Esquimalt Secondary School

Lives in Victoria, British Columbia
From Victoria, British Columbia · Lived in Calgary, Alberta

Married to Colleen O’Farrell
Married since June 7, 2008